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Easily develop and manage an AI-powered app, whether incorporating cutting-edge AI features into your existing application, replacing your WhatsApp process, or creating a chatbot resembling ChatGPT. Our components simplifies the entire process.

Effortlessly incorporate if-then workflows and streamline processes.
Training options
JSON, API, PDF, DOC, SHEETS, URL, and more! Train anything you want with ease.
Acquire superpowers by enabling the built-in modules atop your project
A user-friendly API documentation designed for handling intricate scenarios with straightforward endpoints
Retraining module
Effortless setup to search, edit, and delete selected training, enhancing accuracy and keeping the system up to date.
Monitor performance
Observe AI performance and take action if a course correction is needed.
Ability to comprehend language and respond accordingly. Supports any language out of the box.
Wide selection of LLMs
Easily switch between LLMs, accessing the exact same modules without disrupting your workflow.
Native connectors
You're just a few steps away from connecting your favorite applications

Tap into the power of your data
harness the capabilities of LLMs,
and let your imagination break all barriers.

Provide a human-like experience
to your robotic processes

Lead Qualification
Immediately engage with leads coming your way and start workflows to qualify your leads
A better and faster interactive experience for your users to navigate through different steps
Appointment booking
Enhance your conversion rates by incorporating a personal assistant touch into your appointment process.
Customer support
Instantly respond to customer queries using AI that directly references your company's knowledge base.
Candidate vetting, candidate experience, training, and more can be made more efficient through LLM's.
Lead Generation
Built-in workflows that automatically collects lead information
Build apps using LLMs
Developers-friendly APIs to bend and mold LLMs to build custom apps that scale with you.
Collect feedback
LLM-powered feedback processes are generally friendlier for customers and provide companies with insights that are 2X more valuable.

Experience unwavering support
with our reliable and battle-tested features,
tailored to meet your unique use case.

Human Supervised Training

Enhanced capability to input data through meticulously chosen pathways, ensuring exceptional accuracy even for intricate scenarios.


Safeguards for your proprietary data and additional measures, such as domain whitelisting, are implemented to keep it safe at all times.

Model training

Reduce hallucinations and costs by training a model and deploying it to your application.

White Glove Service

Our design ensures a top-notch experience from start to finish, allowing you to concentrate solely on growing your business.Say goodbye to worries about AI infrastructure - we've got it all taken care of

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