Responds within 2 mins, works 24x7

Implement a chatbot powered by ChatGPT to qualify
and schedule appointments with your online leads.

Built for
real-estate agents

We help real estate agents convert conversations into conversions by instantly engaging with leads, identifying hot leads, and sending email summaries to your team. Don't let another lead fall through the cracks.

Lead Qualification on Autopilot
By the start of their day, your team is already aware of the promising leads.
Custom script
The AI learns from your previous conversation and strictly adheres to the style.
Completes the entire conversation, i.e., by answering all your client queries, identifying your lead's budget, timeline, and approval status.
Act right away.
Engage with your hot leads as soon as they come in. Don't let them contact your competitors
Available at your preferred source
Add it on your website or connect with your favorite application