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Swap your boring forms for LLM-powered ones
that feel like talking to real people - it's like an upgrade for your forms.

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Your Ultimate Form Solution:
Unlocking Infinite Use-Cases

Lead Qualification
Make it easy to gather important details from potential customers and identify the top lead.
Candidate vetting, candidate experience, training, and more can be made more efficient through LLM's.
Customer feedback
LLM-powered feedback processes are generally friendlier for customers and provide companies with insights that are 2X more valuable.
Data collection
The ability to connect with multiple channels and the capability to follow up politely give it twice the efficiency in collecting data.
NPS survey
A form that is capable of asking the right follow-up questions to identify the user's sentiments and the root cause of issues.
Requirement Gathering
Forms are aware of the goals; they know exactly when to ask the right questions.

Everything you need to scale your process

API access
Zapier integration
Custom workflows

Forms Reimagined: Where
2x Results Are the New Norm

Native integration

Share the form with the client in the channel where your customer is active – not just on the web.


Make it much easier for your customers to talk to you

Smart redirection

Enhance conversions with AI-driven question skipping and rearrangement.


Engage customers with a form that communicates just like a person.

Future-Proof Your Forms

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